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Allocation Policies:

  • You must be 21 years old to join, and an adult signature is required upon delivery of the wine.

  • Members receive two allocations per year to be shipped, weather permitting, in April and October.

  • You can choose to have the wines shipped to you or held at the winery for you to pick up at your convenience.

  • We will send an email offer approximately three weeks prior to shipment detailing the wines offered and the expected dates for order processing and shipment. 

  • Members may then customize their allocations, either on our website or via phone or email PRIOR to the order processing date.

  • Real-time shipment tracking via UPS or FedEx will be provided to you once your allocation has shipped.

  • If our shipping window does not work with your schedule, contact us ASAP at (509) 520-6251 or at to make other arrangements. Any special requests must be coordinated PRIOR TO the shipment date.

  • Please see our Terms of Use link below for information regarding our cancellation and return policies.

  • Member’s credit card will be billed twice a year just prior to shipping the wine, including applicable sales taxes.

  • We value your privacy and do our best to ensure your information is safe—please see our Privacy and Security link below for more information.

  • Wine allocation: We ask that if you sign up for an allocation and receive a discount that you receive a minimum of two shipments prior to canceling or placing your allocation on hold. If life circumstances change and you'd like to be put in alumni status for a while, we are happy to work with you. 

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